PERFINASA, a family SME in Navarra, manufactures metal profiles-mainly steel – using cold-forming technology. Basically, our job is to start from flat sheet metal in coils and passing it through a roller train that gradually shapes the sheet metal until obtaining the profile itself.

Previously, the machining as required by the profile is performed (holes, slots, side pieces, deep drawing, etc.), and finally the profile is cut to the length required by the customer.

3 Work Centres

We have three factories. The oldest (and headquarters and Technical Office) is located in Olave, 11 kilometres from Pamplona. Located at the foot of the N-121 which leads to France through Irún, its 2,500 m2 is distributed between the factory, the offices and the raw material warehouse.

The second, in Beriáin, in the Errekaldea industrial estate (also a few kilometres from Pamplona), exclusively a production centre, in this case having an area of 1,250 m2

The third, which started operating in 2021, is located in Oricáin, in the Ezcabarte Industrial Estate. It is an administrative office and production centre. It has a floor area of 3000 m2.

Interesting Facts

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>40 years

45 workers

17 M € turnover

>1,300 different profiles

2nd generation

Collaborative Spirit

PERFINASA belongs to the Association of Small and Medium Metal Enterprises of Navarra (APMEN), and is an active participant in four inter-trade bodies, these being the Association for the Development of the Navarrian Family Firm (ADEFAN), the Navarrian Industrial Foundation, the Navarrian Industry Association (AIN) and the Navarrian Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services.

A Bit of History

June 1979: a group of industrialists came together to set up profiling machinery in a small workshop in the town of Artica, near Pamplona.

Due to the desire to satisfy the customer’s specific needs, the company was not pigeonholed in the manufacture of commercial profiles, and become more and more specialised in solving complex sections. This gradually introduced the company to first-rate national customers who still today rely on the PERFINASA’s quality.

The resulting increase in business led to the huge leap to the Olave facilities in 1989, where productive capacity increased fourfold.

In the meantime there were several changes in the property at different times, until in 2001 when it was left in the hands of the two current owner families, namely, José María Heras and Emilio Escudero, co-founders of the company.

In 2008, the Beriáin factory was set up as further growth in Olave was simply not possible.

In a scheduled process, starting in 2017, the second generation of the two families agreed to take over the organisation.


In 2022, PERFINASA opened its third site in the Ezcabarte industrial estate in Oricáin. A centre that has increased the company’s production capacity and has spacious administrative offices.  

Forty years after set-up, with 44 employees and more than 1300 different references of profiles developed, PERFINASA faces the future with the eagerness of a newcomer, and committed to the family company values that made it reach its position.