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Do you already have the blueprint?

We’ll study that with you. First, to make sure that the figure can be profiled. And secondly, because our know-how about profiling possibilities can improve or enrich the features you seek to cover with the profile.

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We’ll do it together.


Technical Office

PERFINASA has an engineering team at the Technical Office that assesses the technical feasibility of each project and offers the client all possible alternatives and improvements. The Technical Office carries out the entire monitoring of the process between drawing the design and the first series production.

Tooling Design

The Technical Office designs and orders the manufacture of the necessary tools for each profile. We are basically talking about the roller train and the punch line needed for the three main operations, such as drilling, profiling and cutting. We have entirely trustworthy auxiliary workshops that have been working with us for many years.

Ongoing Maintenance

In addition, PERFINASA is committed to ensuring that every tool is in perfect condition at all times, and for this purpose has an express maintenance department with lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, etc. and qualified personnel

  • In order to respond as soon as possible to any technical issue
  • Checking and cleaning each tool after each manufacturing process