Last 18 March PERFINSA opened its new production plant

This is the company’s third industrial location and is to be found in the Ezcabarte de Oricáin industrial estate (Navarra).

The new plant has a surface area of 2,600 square metres, and two complete profiling lines have been installed in it.

Offices have been fitted out for the company’s administration department, the offices at the Olave plant having been handed over entirely to the Technical Office. We will also have a modular room that will be usable both for meetings and events and for training sessions, adopting a classroom configuration.

It is planned that the projects undertaken at the new facilities will lead to the creation of 15 new jobs.

The opening was attended by around 50 company employees who have participated in both the design and execution of the works and in the financing of the project. At the opening a guided tour of the new facilities was given so that guests could learn first hand all the details of the profiling process.