PERFINASA in the time of COVID-19

Since the emergence of the epidemic caused by the COVID-19 virus, Perfinasa has based its decisions on the following four basic pillars:
1- Commitment to our staff’s health
2- Commitment to our customers’ needs
3- Fulfilment of payments to our supply chain
4- Commitment to society

Our obligation is not to fail our customers. This has been our basic working premise when taking decisions that have been very difficult to take in view of the coronavirus pandemic.



The UPNA (Public University of Navarra) held on January 30 the seminar Entrepreneurship and managerial skills in Family Businesses for students pursuing a degree in Management and Business Administration who have chosen Lectures on Family Businesses as an addition to their studies.
Javier Antúnez, Manager at PERFINASA, offered the counterpoint when addressing the particular features of management when professional managers are not company shareholders.


PERFINASA sponsors the Business Forum 2020

On January 17, the Business Forum 2020 was held, organised by the Fundación Industrial de Navarra (Industrial Foundation of Navarra), at Baluarte Congress Centre and Auditorium of Pamplona.
This is the Foundation’s yearly meeting and was attended by 250 directors of the associated companies, which already represent 80% of the industrial GDP of Navarra.
The event addressed the main challenges for the Foundation in 2020, and the role of companies and professionals managing the various work tables was gratefully acknowledged.


PERFINASA in the media

PERFINASA has recently featured in the media on several occasions. The 40th anniversary event, the completion of the R & D Technical Project in the consortium formed with our partners AIN, Joven and Jaufasa, and participation in the development programme through members of the Navarra Confederation of Entrepreneurs have aroused the interest of the press in our company.


PERFINASA, a new member of the Chamber of Commerce of Navarra

PERFINASA has just to formalised its association with the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Navarra.
PERFINASA thus wishes to acknowledge this institution’s unquestioned contribution to the progress of Navarra’s industrial fabric, in major areas such as globalisation, training, multidisciplinary counselling, etc.


PERFINASA donates 0.7% of its 2018 profit to the ANELA Association

In the framework of their Corporate Social Responsibility Programme, the Perfinasa employees once again decided with their vote the allocation of such 0.7% of the profit for the financial year 2018. In this case, the project chosen has been the Navarra Association of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. In the near future, the Association will be summoned to collect the corresponding cheque.


PERFINASA celebrates its 40th anniversary

On Saturday, June 29 last, PERFINASA celebrated its first 40 years of existence. For this reason, the company staff and family members gathered in the Navarra Arena, where they visited the main facilities on a guided tour and then enjoyed a meal and entertainment with a DJ until the evening.
During the meal, around 40 congratulatory videos from clients, suppliers, former workers and collaborators, as well as some institutional videos, were shown on the pavilion screen.
The event also served to honour the careers of Emilio Escudero and José Mari Heras, first generation of partners, as well as the track record of several retired colleagues who also attended the event.